Dealing With Wildlife

baby squirrelIn the cities of the United States we continue to expand our living areas into our natural surroundings. This expansion is causing our wildlife to infringe on our daily lives as we continue to infringe on theirs. From raccoons tearing open a trash can that wasn’t securely closed and spreading yesterday’s trash through the front yard, to the mouse hiding under our refrigerator. Now those are our little friends of the animal kingdom and there are bigger versions that too are coming ever closer to our homes. The answer however is not to destroy the species but rather to find a way to move them to a place they will enjoy and flourish. Humane removal of rats, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and many other animals is imperative in keeping the balance of nature.

Bats for example are one of those animals that have gotten a bad reputation because of vampire movies and exaggerated stories of bites and rabies. Bats are actually voracious mosquito eaters and could actually be a great animal to keep close to your home. While most people don’t want bats flying through their home, there are bat houses that can be located close to your home. These houses allow bats to live safely and raise their pups in a healthy environment. It also will give you a noticeable change in your pesticide use and itching from mosquito bites. Animals serve a purpose in nature’s kingdom and finding a humane way of removing them is always an available option. There is even humane rat removal with traps specially made to capture and release these animals to a location where they can follow the natural order of their lives.

rodentAs we continue to expand our living spaces we continue to run into the issue of these animals adapting to our lifestyles. Learning how to better protect yourself with proper garbage disposal and food storage are just two ways to keep yourself from having any encounters with animals at your home. Though it may seem that animals need us, we need them just as much. People should learn the importance of each species and how it would adversely affect us if an entire species was removed. We are all connected on this planet from the blades of grass we feel under our feet to the birds flying above our heads. Keeping the balance of nature in check is so important to the survival of our planet.